GVD: the leading graphic arts quality control and inspection system from Global Vision

Global Vision Desktop (GVD) is an application that automates the control of graphic files to detect changes or errors, even during printing

  • Establish which is the master document that has been validated by the client and which to make the checks against.
  • Scan the sample to compare so that the programme can detect changes in texts, images, colours and even barcodes or Braille texts. You can also compare it to a digital file.
  • Fixes errors detected by the programme, thus avoiding mass printing of faulty files and customer complaints.

Automated inspection of packaging and printed documents

With Global Vision’s scanner you can compare printed samples against the digital master file to ensure error-free printing. It reduces the risk of errors and therefore customer complaints, resulting in the recall of defective packaging or printed matter.

  • Prevents printing defects: quickly picks up on defects such as scratches or smudges. You can also check for conversion errors by comparing the original final artwork (whether PDF or Adobe Illustrator) with the printed sample.
  • Inspection of containers (even cylindrical): you will be able to detect errors and differences from the validated standard, even in cylindrical formats. This functionality is particularly useful for the food industry, as it can detect errors in nutritional information on any type of packaging.
  • Document inspection: you can check printed multi-page documents such as manuals, brochures or product instructions. You will also be able to check that the final verified document has not undergone any unwanted changes, even if it has gone through several departments.
Automated inspection of packaging and printed documents

Pixel-by-pixel graphic inspection

With GVD software you can compare files to detect changes and validate:

  • Images: detects changes or missing images. The application automatically overlaps the master files with the sample files to be able to detect if there are differences so that they can be corrected.
  • Texts: detects incorrect fonts, changes in font size or changes in texts.
  • Barcodes: inspects and reads barcodes for validation without the need for a barcode reader.
  • Braille texts: checks and translates texts written in Braille for validity and compliance with legal requirements.
Pixel-by-pixel graphic inspection Pixel-by-pixel graphic inspection

Colour verification

Rest assured that you will print files in the correct colours. Global Vision’s GVD programme will enable you to:

  • Use Pantone® libraries: find the closest colour from the Pantone® library that you want to use, whether it is a metallic colour or a pastel shade.
  • Get accurate colour values: you can see the specific value of a colour in LAB, CMYK and RGB in just one click, and you can replace one colour reference with another from within the application.
  • Generate colour inspection reports: send reports with colour differences found to the customer for approval.
Colour verification

Supports multiple file types

Global Vision’s GVD software supports files of any size and is compatible with the following formats:

Supports multiple file types

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