Machine Vision

Early Detection of Production Line Errors with Machine Vision

Detect Production Line Irregularities through Cutting-Edge Computer Vision Systems

By utilizing our state-of-the-art computer vision cameras and sensors, you can proactively prevent potential issues, leading to substantial cost savings.


Tailored Machine Vision Systems

We specialize in tailoring machine vision solutions that best align with your enterprise. Our engineers will develop bespoke machine vision software to ensure continuous oversight of your production line.


Comprehensive Machine Vision Services

  • Detection of Metallic and Plastic Imperfections
  • Assembly Error Identification
  • Cross-Verification Control
  • Variable Print Monitoring
  • Robotic Guidance
  • Packaging Quality Assurance
  • Industrial Metrology
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Precise Control Over Printed Designs

The Assurance of Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Nobody welcomes errors. Hence, it’s prudent to stay one step ahead with control systems, such as digital inspection cameras, to ensure problems don’t arise.

Incorporating machine vision into your production lines yields a plethora of benefits:

  • Impeccable quality control, maintaining unrivaled quality standards.
  • Swift recognition, inspection, and defect detection.
  • Precise part positioning control.
  • Non-contact industrial measurement.
  • Guiding automated robotics.
  • Seamless integration without disrupting the production line.
  • Automated detection, localization, and item identification.
  • Visual inspections that surpass human assessments in reliability.
  • Error detection in 1D and 2D barcodes, along with item tracking and recognition.
  • Reduction in production downtimes or halts by proactively anticipating errors.
The Assurance of Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Your Partner Throughout the Entire Process



We assess your company’s needs, providing guidance to optimize your production line. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of the finest solutions available, we empower each industry to enhance its processes, leading to increased productivity. Our experts delve into your specific case to offer tailored solutions.


Software Development

Need custom machine vision software tailored to unique requirements? Look no further than AIS Scanology. Our software development team will fashion a solution that precisely caters to your business’s specificities.

Software Development


We take charge of deploying new artificial vision systems within your organization, ensuring a seamless transition. The technical division at AIS Scanology oversees the entire process from inception to completion.



Our personnel conduct training sessions for those responsible for operating the artificial vision systems, ensuring mastery and optimal utilization, thereby granting full autonomy with the implemented systems. At AIS Scanology, we also provide specialized training in code symbology and quality standards.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We stand by your side. Whether changes occur within your company necessitating new solutions, technical queries arise regarding implemented systems, incidents transpire, or you require support for a project with unique specifications, we offer a priority annual support service, complete with preventive maintenance for the contracted systems. AIS Scanology is always ready to assist.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

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