Verify 1D and 2D codes off the production line and without the need for equipment changes

Check the correct labelling and printing of barcodes after code creation and after creation of the final artwork (offline).

  • ISO verification that analyses the parameters of the code that could affect its readability by any scanner on the market.
  • Obtaining a rating by means of a grade (or ISO grade) that will determine the code’s readability.
  • Thorough analysis to detect the problem. This will give you the information you need to take action on the printing system and correct any errors.

What does the offline verification system offer?

Offline barcode verification is an accurate and reliable method for detecting possible errors in 1D, 2D, Data Matrix and direct part marks. It is an inexpensive and easy way to start a label verification programme. However, if you require 100% code inspection, we recommend combining the offline system with an inline system.

This is all that AIS Scanology has to offer in the field of offline verification:

  • Omron LVS (Label Vision Systems), which comply with ISO specifications and 1D and Data Matrix 2D code verifiers and rigorously meet ISO/CEN/ANSI quality and symbology specifications. They are the only ones in the world with GS1 Certification (Aecoc).
  • Easy-to-use systems with the capability to verify 1D and 2D codes without having change out any equipment.
  • Advanced technology. High-resolution barcode inspection is made possible by a 5.0 Mpx camera, which can read and analyse codes with a resolution of up to 0.10 mm (1D) and 0.15 mm (2D).
  • Generation of detailed reports. The records are stored in a database for later retrieval and analysis.
  • SQL Server database compatibility.
  • Possible integration into the company’s active domain.
  • Annual service for possible anomalies in the codes: modulation, contrast, defects, quiet zones, among others.
  • Possibility to send us samples of the barcodes so that we can advise you and help you to solve possible incidents and guarantee the quality.

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