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Custom Software for Auto-Identification, Traceability, and Warehouse Control

Our team of engineers possesses extensive expertise in designing, installing, and supporting customized industrial applications.


Addressing Your Unique Production Line Needs

Does your production line have highly specific requirements? We meticulously analyze each case, provide consulting, and undertake the development of customized software tailored to enhance your production processes.

Benefits of Tailor-Made Software

With tailor-made software, you can seamlessly integrate all project components. This ensures that the customer has a single point of contact responsible for overseeing the project from inception to completion.

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What Type of Custom Software Do You Require?

  • AIS Trends:Data analysis software designed for customized production lines.
  • AIS Controls:An application for analyzing the efficiency of a production plant. It allows graphical representation of production-related data, machine setup times, production stoppages, production rates, and more.
  • AIS Box: An application for controlling the production of serialized cartons on a gluing machine. It verifies that the serial numbers belong to the authorized database and calculates a material balance after each production run.
  • AIS ID: An application that complements any LVS verifier, providing PDF reports based on configurable search criteria. These reports can be customized with the customer’s logo.
  • Traceability (TrazAIS): Ensures that products are easy to identify with correct labeling and coding.
  • Label Manager (NiceLabel): Simplifies the labeling process for companies, from label design to printing.


Customized Software Development for Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

We develop customized software for various industrial sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage production and manufacturing.

The deployment of custom software offers several advantages:

  • Full control over industrial traceability at all identification levels (by unit, package, or pallet), ensuring accurate labeling and coding, regardless of the destination.
  • Examination of incoming raw materials through supplier barcode scanning or on-demand barcode printing.
  • Record-keeping of information throughout the production chain, including raw material additions, manufacturing, and packaging processes.
  • Tracking of serial or batch numbers, expiry dates, weights, quantities, and other essential information for easy access.

Analyzing Production Efficiency and More

  • Anticipate production errors through trend analysis.
  • Manage data collected during production, enabling easy access and report generation.
  • Design and print barcode labels swiftly and effortlessly with NiceLabel.
  • Maintain control over customized software through mobile devices for enhanced flexibility.

By Your Side from Start to Finish


We analyze your company’s needs to provide guidance and tailor a software development service that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Our extensive knowledge of leading solutions enables industries to enhance their processes and increase productivity. Our experts delve into your specific case to offer precise solutions.



We seamlessly install the custom software we’ve developed. Rest assured, AIS Scanology’ technical department will ensure a smooth implementation from start to finish.



We conduct training sessions for your staff responsible for maximizing the benefits of tailor-made software for your company.



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Follow-Up and Support

We stand by your side. Whether your company undergoes changes necessitating new solutions, you encounter technical queries regarding implemented systems, or you require support for projects with unique specifics—we offer a preferential annual support service, complete with preventive maintenance for contracted systems. AIS Scanology is always at your disposal.

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