Check inline codes to ensure accurate and reliable print quality

With this in-line production verification system you can control the quality for 1D, 2D and direct part mark (DPM) codes, achieving the applicable standards.

What does the inline verification system have to offer?

AIS Scanology is the exclusive distributor in The Netherlands of the inline verification systems developed by Omron LVS (Label Vision Systems). These systems are suitable for industrial desktop printers, label applicators and industrial flexographic, offset or digital label printers.

This is all that AIS Scanologyhas to offer in the field of inline verification:

  • Quality control that meets GS1 barcode quality requirements, ISO standards, FDA regulations, UDI, FMD, the French CIP and other standards and organisations.
  • Simple verification of both printed labels and DPM marking codes (laser, scratch, micro-puncture).
  • Verification of various label features, beyond the barcode itself. Text analysis or imperfections.
  • Validation of the content of each label field and print quality, minimising errors, incidents or customer returns.
  • Comprehensive analysis of marking quality: generation of detailed reports and communication systems via external databases.
  • Ability to adapt the brightness according to the support on which the direct marking has been made.

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