Automated proofreading software: no more overlooked errors

Stop doing manual file reviews. Save time and efficiency with Verify by Global Vision, the software that allows you to detect changes and misspellings between files.

  • Establish what is the master document to be checked against.
  • Upload the file to compare so that the programme can detect changes in texts, images, colours and even barcodes or Braille texts.
  • Generate a report of the errors that the programme has detected so that they can be addressed, thus avoiding the printing of incorrect files.

Text inspection and spell check

With proofreading software you will have full control over your texts and no longer waste time doing a manual proofreading of the content:

  • Spell checking: the programme compares the content of the document with standard dictionaries of the language used and tells you where there are spelling mistakes.
  • Creation of customised dictionaries: so that the terms used only by your company are validated and unified.
  • Inspection in more than 30 languages
  • Detection of incorrect sources
  • Detection of changes in font size
  • Detection of changes in texts
  • Report generation: to have full control over the differences and errors found.
Text inspection and spell check

Code validation

The fastest way to verify barcodes and QR codes without the need for a code reader. In addition, Global Vision’s proofreading software also allows you to translate Braille texts in order to validate them.

  • Barcode validation
  • QR code validation
  • Validation of Braille texts
Code validation Code validation

Comparison of images

Check that the images, even if embedded in the final artwork, do not contain errors. You can also use image comparison software to validate graphics in digital files such as presentations or web pages.

  • Detects if a graphic or image is missing from a file
  • Identifies images that have been changed from one version to another
  • Detects differences in colour and size of images
  • Controls images with embedded text (screenshots, PDFs)
Comparison of images

The proofreading software supports multiple file formats

Verify by Global Vision proofreading software can be used with files of any size and supports the following formats:

The proofreading software supports multiple file formats

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